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Department Of Veterans Affairs

Department Of Veteran Affairs

We at Precision Dental take pride in supporting the veteran community. We welcome patients who are eligible under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

If you are a DVA health card holder, you can enjoy top-notch dental and oral health care from us and not pay for the treatment as we are simply going to bill DVA directly for the cost.

What Dental Treatments Can You Access With A DVA Health Card?

Dental Treatments You Can Access With A DVA Health Card Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

For people with a Gold Card, DVA will shoulder most dental services needed to meet your needs. For those with a White Card, you may be eligible for dental services under arrangements from DVA.

Dental treatment can only be provided in relation to the accepted disabilities of White Card holders. Some treatments require approval from DVA first before it is commenced.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Services I Can Receive?

It actually depends on your clinical needs. Some treatments have a time limit, like periodic dental examinations, which are limited to one every 6 months.

Time limitations can be exceeded especially if your dentist recommends but this still requires approval form DVA.

Furthermore, an Annual Monetary Limit applies to high cost items such as dental crowns and dental bridges. For 2014, this limit stands at $2,488.

Note that this limit does not apply to ex-prisoners of war and for patients with an accepted dental disability or malignant cancer that affect the teeth or jaw.

Will DVA Cover The Replacement Of Dentures?

If you lose or break your dentures, DVA will pay for replacements. But note though that replacement dentures can only be provided every 6 years, unless we advise DVA that replacements are needed sooner. Also, replacements cannot be provided if your dentures have just been relined in the past 12 months.

High-Quality Dental Care For Veterans In Brisbane

High Qualiy Dental Care For Veterans Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

If your are a DVA patient, just present your Gold or White DVA health card at the beginning of your dental consultation or before receiving a dental treatment here at Precision Dental.

Your trusted Brisbane dentist is committed to helping you maintain utmost dental and oral health, as well as that youthful smile. Call us today on (07) 3852 1160 or book an appointment online

For more specific information, visit the Department of Veteran’s Affairs website.

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