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Root Canal Therapy Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Root Canal Therapy  Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment used to clean a deeply infected tooth by removing the infected tissue, cleaning and disinfecting the root canal and then filling the canal with an inert material to protect the root from further damage. Our skilled team here at Precision Dental in Brisbane Fortitude Valley utilises the latest root canal therapy technologies and procedures to help relieve patients of infection and pain.

Your Tooth and the Root Canal

Teeth are made of the hard enamel you see when you brush, as well as a root that goes into your gum and jawbone. The root holds your tooth in place and contains nerves and blood vessels that help nourish the tooth and keep it healthy. Your tooth actually has four layers:

The hard, outer layer of enamel that forms the visible crown

The dentine that lies under the enamel and supports the crown of your tooth

The root, which is more of a canal or hollow tube the extends from the base of the tooth and contains dental pulp, nerves, and blood vessels

Cementum, a hard material that coats and protects the root

All teeth are prone to cavities, which is why daily oral hygiene is so important. However, when food debris or bacteria get trapped or hidden, it can cause an infection. If left untreated, the infection can seep into the root canal and infect the dental pulp, which can become very painful. Root canal therapy is the dental treatment that can stop the pain and save your tooth.

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How Did My Tooth Get Infected?

Mouth infections usually begin with inadequate oral hygiene, heredity or external factors such as smoking. Even with regular brushing, however, a chronic infection can lead to dental caries, which is bacteria that adheres to the surface of teeth. This infection can turn into a hardened plaque, trapping even more harmful bacteria underneath. Eventually the infection creates a hole in the tooth called a cavity, and soon after the infection spreads into the tooth affecting the root.

There are a variety of factors that can lead to infection along with inadequate brushing practices and heredity. The following is a summary of these factors:

Tooth fracture due to trauma
Genetic weakness in tooth enamel
Excessive dental treatment
Untreated cavity
Old, large dental filling

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Symptoms and Signs that Root Canal Therapy May be Needed

Pain is the number one reason that indicates root canal therapy may be needed. Often an ache that you can feel in the jawbone as well as the tooth can make life unbearable. While not all tooth pain means the tooth root is infected, treating tooth pain right away can relieve pain and possibly avert the need for root canal therapy. Some of the common symptoms or signs that you might need root canal therapy are:

Ongoing toothache that still aches after over-the-counter pain medication is used

Jaw pain
Swollen, painful gums in a localised area
Facial swelling

Abscess in gum near painful tooth

Dark gums around tooth with an old dental filling
Not treating an infected root canal can lead to tooth loss and even bone loss in the area. That’s why we recommend to all our patients that if you feel pain, call us right away and schedule a visit.
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The Root Canal Therapy Treatment
at Precision Dental

Root Canal Therapy Treatment Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

Root canal therapy was once associated with painful procedures and tooth loss, but the old days are over. Thanks to modern technologies and procedures, the treatment is often efficient with minimal discomfort.

It is a safe and effective treatment to remove pain, save your tooth, and let you get on with your life. When you come to Precision Dental in Brisbane, you can expect these steps:

We begin with a thorough dental exam to find hidden problems and identify the infected tooth
X-rays will be taken so we can see the extent of infection and the shape of your root
You will receive a local anaesthetic to numb the pain
The tooth root will be accessed so the dentist can remove the infected pulp and tissue
Once cleared of infection, the root canal will be disinfected and prepared for the filling
An inert material will be placed into the root to protect it and preserve the integrity of the tooth
The treatment is now complete and a dental crown or filling will be used to seal the tooth root and protect the tooth from further infection and damage
There may be some variations as each patient is unique, but the final result is the same; to remove the infection and stop it from spreading and bring relief to the patient.

Root Canal Therapy After Care

Caring for your teeth is just as important after root canal therapy so you can protect all your teeth from future damage. Immediately after your treatment, your dentist will provide you with specialised instructions to help you heal as quickly as possible. Most patients feel mild pain due to the healing reaction from the treatment, but over-the-counter pain medications can help resolve both pain and swelling. You may require a second appointment to allow time for healing before the crown is placed onto the tooth.

Are You in Pain?

Are You In Pain Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

If you have tooth or jaw pain, we can help. And if you are anxious about treatment, we provide sleep dentistry and will do our best to ensure your comfort.

Remember that root canal therapy helps relieve pain, so call today and schedule your appointment to begin putting your oral health back on track.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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