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Knocked-Out Tooth Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Knocked-Out Tooth Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

The knocked-out permanent tooth is one of the few real emergency scenarios in dentistry. If your tooth has been knocked out, it’s important to stay calm and act quickly.

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Causes Of Knocked-Out Tooth

Although your tooth is stabilsed by fine ligaments and bone, various incidents with excessive force on a tooth may cause it to fall out of its sockets.

Some of these incidents may include:

Sports-related trauma
Car accidents
Violence related blow to face
Accidental falls
Work related trauma such as being hit by tools
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Seeking Care For Knocked-Out Teeth

If a tooth is knocked out, make sure that it is a permanent tooth. Primary teeth, also called as baby teeth, should not be replanted. If you are unsure whether the tooth is a permanent tooth or primary tooth, store it in a container with a small amount of saline if available or alternatively milk or even saliva and see your dentist immediately.

First aid tips for avulsed teeth:

Locate the tooth and hold it by the crown. Avoid touching the root.
Rinse the tooth with some milk or under the cold running water for few seconds only.
Reposition the tooth and make sure it is the right way around in the right spot.
Gently bite down on a piece of cloth to hold it in position.
If this is not possible, place the tooth in a clean container or special storage designed for avulsed teeth if available with saline, milk or saliva. You can also transport the tooth in the mouth by keeping it between the teeth and lip or cheek, however, this method is not recommended for patients who have risk of swallowing it such as a child.
Do not place the tooth in the water.
Get to your dentist as soon as possible for immediate dental treatment.
Most often when a tooth is knocked out, time is an essence and seeking emergency dental care is crucial, especially if it’s a permanent tooth.

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Knocked-Out Tooth In Fortitude Valley

Losing your tooth can bring about consequences involving your emotional and physical aspects. Thus, protecting them from damaging factors should be your chief objective. However, when these unexpected circumstances do happen, you should know what to do.

It is best to know that your trusted Fortitude Valley dentist will always be ready and able to help you deal with your knocked out teeth or any other dental emergencies effectively. Here at Precision Dental, we apply our utmost expertise to restore the tooth that you lose using the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

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Knocked-Out Tooth in Fortitude Valley

Knocked-Out Tooth Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

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Knocked-Out Tooth Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental