Wisdom Teeth Solution

Wisdom Teeth Solution Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to grow in, and sometimes referred to as third molars. They are on both sides of the top and bottom rows of teeth and while they may not be a problem for some people, they can cause great problems for others. Our staff of dental professionals at Precision Dental are proud to provide wisdom teeth solutions for our patients in Brisbane and Fortitude Valley.

When Wisdom Teeth Become Problematic

When Wisdom Teeth Become Problematic Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

Wisdom teeth that only partially erupted through the gum can become infected as debris and bacteria can get trapped under the gum next to the tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth are those that never erupt through the gum, and can cause problems if they are lying sideways or pushing on the roots of surrounding teeth. If you have crowded teeth but don’t know why, it may be that impacted wisdom teeth are hidden under the gum and pushing on your molars.

Because they are the last to erupt through the gum, wisdom teeth cause problems if there isn’t enough jaw space for them to grow. This results in problematic wisdom teeth that grow sideways and push on other molars. As wisdom teeth grow larger and push on your other teeth, the pressure can cause pain and crooked or crowded teeth. In severe cases, surrounding molars can crack from the pressure. The following are the four types of wisdom teeth impactions:


impactions are the most common type of impaction and takes place when teeth develop at a slight, forward angle, pushing the other teeth forward.

Distoangular impactions

occur when the wisdom tooth is angled toward the back of the mouth, causing the root to push on the root of the neighboring molar.

Vertical impactions

are wisdom teeth that are somewhat straight up and down, but cannot completely emerge through the gum because of limited space in the mouth.

Horizontal impactions

are when wisdom teeth are lying sideways at a 90 degree angle under the gum, often pushing on the neighboring molars.
Wisdom teeth are also prone to infection, especially if they are partially erupted. Because they are located so far back in the mouth, they are often overlooked during brushing. Some people find them hard to reach, and some patients experience a gag reflex when brushing hard-to-reach molars. This naturally makes wisdom teeth more prone to dental caries and infection.
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Signs of Problem Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and problems with your surrounding teeth. If left untreated, they can damage your other teeth, leading to unnecessary and costly dental treatments to repair them. The following are some signs that your wisdom teeth may be problematic:
Jaw pain due to unknown source
Pain when moving jaw
Tender, swollen gums in back of the mouth
Partial eruption of wisdom tooth or teeth
Jaw stiffness
Molar pain or aches
Recurring infections in gum or around molars
Abscess in the gum near wisdom teeth area

When to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

Teenagers and young adults can have their wisdom teeth removed if they cause problems such as crowding the teeth. This may lessen the time they would need orthodontic treatment and, in some cases, may even spare them from needing teeth alignment treatments. Removing wisdom teeth at a younger age is ideal as bones are still developing and so teeth are easier to remove. Teenagers and young adults also have stronger recoveries with shorter recovery times.

Many adult patients have their wisdom teeth removed before they cause problems, while others have them removed as they prepare for orthodontics or Invisalign. If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, removing them can help remove the pain and save your other teeth. Not removing problem wisdom teeth may lead to cracking and damage of other teeth. If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, they can be removed at any age.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

Wisdom teeth are located in the farthest back part of the mouth, behind all of the other molars, making them more difficult to remove. However, our skilled dentists here at Precision Dental are experienced with a range of wisdom teeth removal conditions and can do simple and complicated extractions.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, oral surgery may be required to remove them. Each situation is unique and a dental exam will help us determine how to best proceed.

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Side Effects of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Side effects such as pain and swelling are common after tooth extractions. Recovery times vary among patients and depend on the age and health of the patient. Other factors that determine recovery time and side effects are the position of the wisdom teeth and how they were extracted.

Teenagers and most adults recover quicker than older or mature adults. Recovery may take 3-4 days while some patients can return to work or school the next day. Oral surgery or complicated extractions may require a week or two for recovery. Your dentist will discuss the details with you and let you know what to expect.

Some more serious side effects include a dry socket, which happens if the blood clot that seals the wound is lost. Some patients may experience an infection from bacteria from food debris or smoking. Damage to nearby teeth or nerves is a rare side effect and while a possibility, is very unlikely to take place.

To avoid more serious side effects such as dry socket, avoid smoking, allow the proper recovery time before you eat and follow all of your dentist’s instructions.

Dental Anxiety? We Can Help!

We Can Help In Dental Anxiety - Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental

If you experience dental anxiety due to phobias or you are sensitive to pain, let us know. We use local anesthetic so most patients only feel pressure but no pain.

Some patients prefer to also use oral sedatives or “Happy Gas” to help calm them and add another layer of anesthetic. We also use a gentle touch and do our best to make your visit as low-stress as possible.

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