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Dental Abscess Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Dental Abscess Brisbane, Fortitude Valley Precision Dental

A dental abscess is an infection caused by bacteria. Usually, it appears in an infected tooth, with a large cavity, or some kind of dental damage like in a cracked or chipped tooth.

Once there’s an opening, the bacteria can easily access the inner parts of your teeth. The infection can spread from the root of the tooth all the way to the jaws.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Dental Abscess

The indications that you are slowly developing a dental abscess doesn’t only include a great deal of pain, gum inflammation, and redness or swelling in the infected area.

You may also experience the following signs:

Bad breath odour

Extreme discomfort when chewing
Bitter taste in the mouth
Teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods
Struggle with swallowing and/or breathing

Painful and persistent toothache

Enlarged neck glands
General feeling of illness
In severe cases, the person may experience additional symptoms such as fever, nausea, draining pus, vomiting, and chills. An immediate dental treatment is highly required when the upper or lower jaw has become swollen. If the swelling caused by advanced infection occurs, blockage of patient’s airway may happen, and an emergency room treatment will be needed then.
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Causes Of Dental Abscess

Poor dental hygiene is the most predominant cause of dental abscess. It also involves your excessive consumption of sugary or starchy foods. Trauma to the tooth, and the existence of a large tooth cavity are also known to be common causes. You should also be aware that periodontal pockets from gum disease could cause a dental abscess, as well.

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Treatment For A Dental Abscess

The goal of treatment would always aim at the removal of infection first. This is to ensure that the tooth will be saved and further complications are prevented. To do this, your dentist may recommend the following:
Incision to drain the abscess
Surgery to remove extremely affected tooth
For pain control, paracetamols and/or ibuprofen. We can also prescribe stronger pain killers.
Tooth Extraction
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Dental Abscess Treatment In Fortitude Valley

Practising good oral hygiene reduces the risk of having a dental abscess. Nevertheless, having this kind of condition creates a great discomfort that affects the quality of your life. To properly deal with your dental abscess, consult us here at Precision Dental.

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Dental Abscess Treatment

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Dental Abscess Treatment  Brisbane, Fortitude Valley - Precision Dental