Brandon of Fortitude Valley’s Dental Crowns and Bridges Makeover

Brandon of Fortitude Valley’s Dental Crowns and Bridges Makeover

Brandon had been suffering from the effects of heavy grinding and clenching for years, leading to significant wear and tear on his teeth. The constant pressure and friction had taken a toll on his dentition, causing visible damage and compromising his oral health. He is concerned about the deteriorating condition of his smile and its impact on his overall well-being, so Brandon took the initiative to research dental practices in the area.

Brandon sought help from our team at Precision Dental, recognising our expertise in addressing complex dental issues. During the consultation, our dental team thoroughly assessed Brandon’s condition and proposed a comprehensive solution. Understanding the severity of his wear and tear, we recommended a treatment plan involving dental crowns and bridges. This approach aimed not only to restore Brandon’s worn dentition but also to achieve a revitalised, functional smile that would enhance his quality of life.

What Were The Issues With His Existing Teeth?

  • Excessive tooth wear due to grinding and clenching

What We Did for His Smile Makeover?

The Result

Utilising the compassionate release of Super to cover the costs and over multiple dental visits, our team at Precision Dental meticulously prepared and fitted Brandon’s teeth with custom-crafted dental crowns and bridges. We ensured a precise fit, restoring proper bite alignment and function.

Following the final appointment, Brandon was thrilled with his transformed smile. Our customised dental crowns not only looked natural and aesthetically pleasing but also resolved the issues caused by his worn dentition, restoring comfort and function to his bite. Brandon expressed heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and artistry displayed by Dr Billy and our team.

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Amazing service, I needed an urgent appointment, and they did all they could and helped me in the morning. It's also important to highlight their great staff, Dr. Billy is a really knowledgeable dentist. No mocking around, straight to the point. I recommend their services 100%.

Fabiano N.

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