Josh’s Crown and Bridge Journey in Fortitude Valley

Josh’s Crown and Bridge Journey in Fortitude Valley

Josh sought the expertise of Precision Dental with a particular goal in mind – to replace his missing front tooth and achieve a permanent, natural-looking smile. His desire for a confident and complete smile led him to explore the options offered by the dental crown and bridge treatments.

During his initial consultation at Precision Dental, he expressed concerns about the gap left by his missing front tooth. He was looking for a solution that would restore his smile and provide a long-lasting and secure replacement. Our dental team listened attentively to his desires and explained the potential benefits of a crown and bridge procedure.

Dr Billy Choi thoroughly examined his oral health and discussed the details of the treatment plan. A dental crown, a custom-made restoration that completely covers a damaged tooth, was recommended to replace the missing tooth. In addition, a dental bridge, a series of connected crowns, would fill the gap and provide support.
Josh was pleased to learn that dental crowns and bridges are known for their durability, strength, and natural appearance. He understood that by opting for this treatment, he would achieve a smile that looked aesthetically pleasing and felt comfortable and secure.

The journey to his smile makeover began with our team preparing the neighbouring teeth for the crown and bridge placement. This involved carefully shaping the teeth to create a stable foundation for the restorations. Impressions of his teeth were taken, which served as the blueprint for fabricating his custom-made crowns and bridge in a dental laboratory.

While the permanent restorations were being created, he was provided temporary crowns and a bridge to protect his prepared teeth and maintain his appearance. The dental team ensured that these temporaries were designed to give him a preview of his future smile while also maintaining his ability to eat and speak comfortably.

What Were The Issues With His Existing Teeth?

  • Composite bondings started staining
  • The overall colour of the teeth

What We Did for His Smile Makeover

The Result

Once the final crowns and bridge were ready, he returned to Precision Dental for the placement. Dr Billy meticulously bonded the permanent restorations to his prepared teeth, ensuring an optimal fit and alignment. Josh’ smile was instantly transformed as the missing tooth was replaced with a lifelike, porcelain crown that blended seamlessly with his natural teeth. The dental bridge effectively closed the gap, creating a complete and harmonious smile.

He was thrilled with the outcome of his smile makeover journey. He marvelled at the natural appearance of his new tooth and the renewed confidence it brought him. The crown and bridge treatment enhanced his smile aesthetically and improved his overall oral health by preventing complications that could arise from missing teeth.

With his permanent crown and bridge, he could enjoy all the benefits of a complete and functional smile. He felt grateful to the dental team at Precision Dental for their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. His smile makeover was a resounding success thanks to their skilful implementation of dental crowns and bridges, leaving him with a radiant and confident smile to share proudly with the world.

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