How to Overcome your Dental Fear

How to Overcome your Dental Fear - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Studies show that ten per cent of the adult population suffers from dental fear, and so it is considered to be one of humans’ most common concerns.

A person is anxious to visit a dental office for many reasons, and that involves bad experiences with the dentist or dental service in the past, fear of possible pain, and the cost of treatments.

Some patients would try their methods of reducing anxiety before or during the appointment.

However, a professional dentist who’s an expert in minimising nervousness is still the best solution for someone who deals with dental fear.

With the numerous improvements in modern dentistry, diagnosis and treatment nowadays have become more sophisticated and convenient than ever.

The Difference between Dental Fear and Dental Phobia

Dental fear or anxiety and dental phobia are terms often used interchangeably, defining a scope of symptoms and reactions of dentistry in general.

On the other hand, these phrases have different distinctions, which allows dentists to find effective dental treatment options for the patient’s concerns.


Dental anxiety

Refers to the sense of nervousness linked to the unknown, whereas dental fear is the phrase often applied to a mild form of dental phobia.

If you have dental fear or dental anxiety, look for a dentist who is sensitive to your needs and will communicate with you to create a stress-free atmosphere.

In this way, you will be able to overcome your anxiety and improve your impressions about dental appointments.


Dental Phobia

Compared to anxiety or fear, dental phobia is more intense and is an irrational reaction towards dental practices.

If you have dental phobia, you may react easily to the sound of a drill, the probability of pain or other aspects of dentistry that you are terrified of.

Conquering dental phobia is more complicated than dealing with anxieties and may call for professional help.

Tips for Fighting Dental Fear Effectively


Sharing your anxiety

Communication with your dentist is important, whether you have a fear or not. If you are tense, it’s a good idea to tell your dentist and the dental staff.

When you get your concerns out of the closet, your dentist will be able to adapt the treatment to your needs.

Also, talking with your dentist helps you feel more at ease inside the dental room and banishes your fear about your appointment.


Helping yourself and asking for help from others

Pick a schedule for your dental visit when you are less likely to be rushed. Other people would choose weekends or early morning appointments.

Also, if you are too nervous about going through the appointment all by yourself, ask a family member or a friend to help you done it.

However, be sure this person has no dental fear and will help you stay calm and comfortable.


Relaxation Methods

One of the best ways to calm down is through relaxation. Breathe and try your best to relax.

Some dental experts would suggest their patients do some relaxation techniques before the appointment or procedure.

Nevertheless, other dentists would recommend activities that will make you feel relaxed, like listening to music or reading books and magazines.

Dental Solutions for Dental Fear

If you are extremely nervous, your dentist will tell you what can be prepared to help.

With the advent of modern dentistry, it is possible to reduce the fear even for the most fearful patient.

Here are the common methods your dentist can perform for your dental anxiety:


Local anaesthesia – it is the backbone of dental pain control, preventing pain in a particular part of the mouth by blocking the nerves that transmit pain.

Injectable anaesthetics may be applied in procedures like dental fillings, crowns and gum disease treatment.


Sedation – using nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is one of the common ways to ease anxiety.

Your dentist will customise the amount of gas to your needs. With low doses, you remain fully conscious and able to correspond. This method is sometimes referred to as waking sedation.


Medication – in some cases, anti-anxiety medication may be prescribed by your dentist.

It can be taken at home before your dental appointment, specifically the night before and 1 hour before the appointment.

Beat your Dental Fear with your Trusted Fortitude Valley Dentist

If you’re preparing for a dental appointment, think positive thoughts and nothing else. Realise how wonderful it is to have beautiful, healthy teeth afterwards.

When it comes to dental fear, your reliable Fortitude Valley dentist can help you deal with your apprehensions by giving the most suitable solution you ever need.

Your dental care partners here at Precision Dental aim to offer you a pain-free, comfortable and remarkable dental experience by giving unique services so you can have a positive feeling whenever you visit us for the upholding of your oral health.

Our high-quality dental services include Anxiety Control and Pain Management, which give you more reasons to appreciate your dental appointment for the betterment of your overall dental well-being.

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