Precision Dental in Fortitude Valley is your Best Choice for Root Canal Therapy

Precision Dental in Fortitude Valley is your Best Choice for Root Canal Therapy - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

“I wouldn’t wish a root canal on my worst enemy,” a patient once told me before I we started the procedure.

Root canal therapy is a major dental procedure that requires two or three visits to your dentist, BUT it is not the nightmarish, painful procedure that it is historically infamous for.

Modern techniques for pain management and sanitary procedures have reduced most of the trauma and drama to negligible levels.

However, the general public still feels dread at the mention of the words “root canal”.

Root canal therapy consists of:


Removing infected pulp from the interior of the tooth.


Cleaning and reshaping of the root canal space.


Filling it with a permanent, inert material.


Placing a permanent crown to the top of the tooth.

The goal is to stop the infection while permitting the original, organic tooth to remain in place.

The majority of teeth that require root canal therapy have lost a large portion of the tooth structure.

After the treatment, the tooth lacks nerves and blood vessels and dries out internally. This results in the tooth becoming more brittle and prone to fracturing.

An artificial crown is used to reinforce the physical strength of the tooth.

Neither root canal therapy nor crown replacement is what any of us would like to do with a couple of our free afternoons, but at Precision Dental in Fortitude Valley, both procedures have been refined and streamlined so as to cause the patient the least amount of time and discomfort as possible.

What are the chances of needing root canal therapy on a tooth with a pre-existing dental crown?

Several studies have shown that this is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, the chances of a crowned tooth needing root canal therapy at a later date are about four times greater than the chances of a natural, healthy tooth needing it. (Bergenholtz et al. 1991, Felton et al. 1989, Whitworth et al. 2002)

The most obvious cause for this overlap of treatment is simple: the reasons that teeth require crowns are often the very same reasons that root canals become infected.

At Precision Dental, we take the utmost care in every stage of the crown replacement procedure to ensure that your crown will be trouble free.

However, it is possible that over time the same damage that caused the need for the crown replacement in the first place can eventually cause the root of the tooth to need to be treated.

If the crown is properly fitted and remains in good shape, it is not necessary to remove the crown to perform the root canal.

A poorly manufactured or improperly attached crown can allow plaque and harmful bacteria to build up around edges of the crown or, in extreme cases, even under the crown.

This can cause the crown to become loose and detach form the tooth. It can also be the cause of internal infection and the need for root canal therapy.

If you have any doubts about the integrity of an artificial crown, come in and have us check it out for you.

Here at Precision Dental, we use the most modern technology available and employ the highest standards when it comes to crown replacement and root canal therapy.

Be assured that you get the finest and longest lasting treatment possible. We are extremely diligent to detect any problems at the earliest stages to keep all treatments to a minimum.

Call us on (07) 3852 1160 or visit us at S13, HQ South Tower, 520 Wickham St in Fortitude Valley.


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