Father’s Day Dental Tips from Precision Dental

Father’s Day is here, and we are as excited as you are.

It is the time of the year, where we celebrate the unrecognised contribution of a father.

We, at Precision Dental, want you to use to excellent opportunity to educate you more about dental health, especially that of men.

Here’s a list of our favourite tips to help maintain good overall health.


Undergo an Oral Cancer Exam

Men have a greater chance of developing oral cancer, particularly over the age of 45.

Well, the good news is that oral cancer is treatable the earlier it’s diagnosed.


Book a Dental Appointment

Visiting a dentist regularly can minimise your risk of having any dental problems, including diseases like oral cancer.

Your Fortitude Valley dentist can tell the early signs of oral cancer and start the treatment at an early stage to cure it.


Wear a Customised Sports Mouthguard

Some men have a lifestyle that might be risky for their teeth. For example, if he likes to play on a regular basis, there might be a chance that he will injure his teeth.

Make sure he wears a sports mouthguard to avoid all kinds of mouth injuries. Prevention is always better than cure, and having a mouthguard can save you lots of money.


Keep a Good Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Brushing at least twice a day, and mastering the art of flossing, can all go a long way to keeping Dad’s teeth healthy and help decrease any unexpected visits to your dentist.

Dad Deserves All the Best in Life

Father’s Day is the ideal time to show our appreciation to the father figures in our lives.

Reminding them that we want them around for long, and encouraging them to take care of themselves may be the one gift they treasure the most.

Dental Health at Precision Dental!

Father's Day Dental Tips from Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

At Precision Dental, we provide the finest and best ethical care, giving patients the chance to make fully informed decisions regarding their course of treatment.

The three fundamental principles that underlie our practice are:




Patient comfort



To support these principles, we begin treatment by building strong relationships with our patients. We are open, honest, and non-biased. We accept no substandard materials, shortcuts, or unhappy surprises.

Patient comfort is another crucial aspect of our values that contribute to the dentist-patient relationship. At Precision Dental, we know the dental experience can be overwhelming for some individuals.

To alleviate these anxieties, we provide gentle, patient-oriented care, that uses modern technologies, tools, and techniques.

Dr Bill Choi has over 15 years of experience and is registered with the Dental Board of Australia. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association, Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, and the Australian Association of Laser Dentistry.

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