How Your Fortitude Valley Dentist Can Help You Sleep Better

How Your Fortitude Valley Dentist Can Help You Sleep Better in Brisbane - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

You might be surprised to learn that one of the many things that can disturb our sleep is the state of our teeth.

People don’t frequently connect getting a good night’s sleep with having healthy teeth and gums. That is unless you experience the effects of night grinding or wake up at 4 am with a toothache.

Although noise is one factor, there may be other, more significant effects on your health. Fatigue and weariness will inevitably follow.

How May A Restless Night Influence Your Health?

You may experience daytime exhaustion and drowsiness if you don’t obtain the restorative sleep your body requires or if your sleep is frequently interrupted.

Losing sleep can also make it difficult to focus at work or school and delay your reaction times, which can be harmful while operating machinery or driving.

Common sleep disorders are linked to a higher risk of a variety of health conditions, such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Your Dentist Can Help You

Many of the patients we treat experience difficulty falling or staying asleep as a result of:


You know how terrible they can be if you’ve ever experienced a toothache. Pain can range in intensity from mild to severe, and if it’s bad enough, it might keep you up at night.

The symptoms frequently cause sleep disturbances. As a side sleeper, pressing your face into the pillow can result in a severe ache or discomfort that makes you toss and turn.

There are many causes of toothaches, including sensitivity, cavities, trauma, sleep bruxism, infections, etc. Anytime you experience a toothache, you should visit a dentist to examine your gums and teeth to see what is causing your discomfort.

Our Fortitude Valley dentists will carefully examine your teeth and gums when you make an appointment, and we’ll also discuss your symptoms and dental history with you.

If necessary, we may advise getting a set of dental x-rays to aid in the diagnosis of any potential issues that might exist inside your teeth or below the gum line.

Once the root of your toothache has been identified, we will offer you a range of treatment alternatives to stop it in its tracks so you can finally get some rest.

Grinding And Clenching

The condition known as bruxism involves grinding or clenching your teeth as you sleep, can also interrupt your sleep patterns and result in head, jaw, and mouth pain and long-term dental damage.

Teeth grinding can be brought on by physical problems like an unequal bite, missing teeth, or certain medical diseases, as well as psychological problems like stress or anxiety.

Your dentist may advise using an oral appliance at night to keep your teeth from clenching together if you wish to quit grinding your teeth, but the issue may not be resolved.

Dental procedures to straighten, repair, or replace teeth may be utilised to treat your problem if an uneven biting surface brings it on.

Your dentist can recommend a properly qualified individual if you need assistance managing anxiety or stress.

Dental Care In Fortitude Valley

How Your Fortitude Valley Dentist Can Help You Sleep Better in Brisbane - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

There are various reasons your oral health may make having a good night’s sleep difficult; that’s why seeing a health professional is critical.

Precision Dental’s mission is to deliver the best and most ethical care possible, allowing patients to make an informed decision about the treatment that is best for them.

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