Dental Tips: Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it!

The end of the year is fast approaching. Before 2019 ends, your Fortitude Valley dentist at Precision Dental encourages you to make the most of your dental benefits for you to keep healthy teeth during the holiday season and a bright smile for life.

We take pride in doing everything possible so we can help you and your loved ones maximise your dental insurance.

Use your Dental Insurance Before You Lose It

A number of dental insurance plans cover a large part of the dental cost of preventative and rehabilitative procedures such as scale and clean, routine check-ups and examinations, X-rays, extractions, fillings and many others.

This enables you to improve your oral and dental wellbeing as well as the overall quality of your life. Dental insurance makes your dental care better and more affordable.

By talking to your local Fortitude Valley dentist, you’ll determine exactly what is covered for you and your family members.

It’s important to keep in mind that you will lose your dental coverage if you don’t use it. Your dental insurance provides you with a certain dollar amount of insurance every year.

On the other hand, if you don’t utilise your maximum coverage benefit, you will only lose those benefits. Unused benefits don’t roll over into the next year.

The yearly maximum typically renews each year on a calendar year basis, such as on January 1st. The benefits do not carry over to the next year and must be used by December 31st.

Therefore, if you happen to have unused benefits left for last year, they will be forfeited and lost by the first month of the current year.

Your Fortitude Valley Dental Team Can Assist You

Dental Tips: Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it! - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Most people don’t make full use of their dental benefits because they lack the understanding of how these insurance plans really work.

If you have enquiries regarding your dental insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to call or visit our dental office to speak with our dental staff who can provide details on how you can take advantage of your dental insurance.

Our team will work with you and your insurance company to make sure that your benefits will not be wasted.

If you are due for a dental cleaning, have a pending dental procedure or need treatment and haven’t maximised your insurance benefits this 2019, make an appointment with your dental team here at Precision Dental before the year ends.

Our goal is to help you enjoy a radiant smile before the new year comes. We can make you look good and feel good about yourself by maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

Getting the most out of your dental insurance can help you achieve the wonderful benefits of having your teeth checked and treated.

Your trusted Fortitude Valley dentist can help get the best out of your dental insurance plan.

Precision Dental works with major insurance providers. Don’t delay! Contact us today.

We are located in Fortitude Valley and also serve patients from Newstead, New Farm, Teneriffe, Bowen Hills, and from all Brisbane metro areas.

Call us on (07) 3852 1160 or visit us at S13, HQ South Tower, 520 Wickham St in Fortitude Valley.


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