How Long Will Dental Crowns Last? Answers from Precision Dental

As they’re commonly called, dental crowns can replace a large surface of a tooth that has been damaged, decayed or treated with a root canal.

A dental crown can restore a damaged tooth and make it strong, functional and attractive.

While crowns are strong, they don’t last for a lifetime and have to be replaced from time to time.

How long a dental crown will last depends on a few different factors.

Factors That Influence How Long A Crown Lasts

These are the most important factors that determine the durability and the lifetime of a dental crown:


The type of material used.


Site of crown placement.


Chewing stress at the site of the crown in the mouth.


Eating habits and patterns.


Alignment of teeth: in crowded or misaligned teeth, stresses are concentrated indifferently. Aligned teeth has more uniform stress distribution favouring increased lifespan of the crown.


Dental habits like bruxism, night grinding reduce the lifespan as continuous heavy forces are delivered even at rest.

How Long Will Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can last for several years but are not designed to last a lifetime. Even with proper care, dental patients should not expect crowns to be trouble-free for decades.

Keep Your Dental Crowns For A Long Time

Here are a few tips for maximising the lifespan of your dental crown:


Brush the area around your crown thoroughly and floss daily. The most decay susceptible area around your crown is near the gumline, where plaque collects.


If you grind or clench your teeth, make sure to wear a nightguard because it will minimise destructive forces on your crown.


Avoid chewing on hard foods such as ice and hard candies with your dental crown. These foods can crack your crown.

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