Increasing the Whiteness of your Teeth with Precision Dental

Increasing the Whiteness of your Teeth with Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

At Precision Dental, patients frequently ask us questions about teeth whitening.

They know, as experience and science shows, that a stunning smile can make a first and long-term impression with an impact on professional life, social life, and even love life.

But there is no single way to whiten teeth – the best treatment depends on the individual case.

The quickest and most dramatic treatment is an in-office professional whitening procedure, but it is not always the best option for some teeth and some patients.

To get an answer to the question “what is the best tooth whitening for me?” drop by Precision Dental and talk to us about the results you want and the best treatment to achieve that.

Great results can be achieved by professional treatment, and in consultation, we can choose the best option for you.

To avoid spending too much time and money on whitening, you should keep your teeth as white as possible at home.

While only professional whitening can turn back discolouration, proper care and effort at home can keep your teeth from further blemish.

Why whitening?

White, aesthetically pleasing teeth that look natural can improve your appearance, self-esteem, and how the world perceives you.

Yellowing can be a sign of aging, so a whiter smile can make you appear younger.

But no matter why you want professional teeth cleaning, Precision Dental’s teeth whitening and veneer offers are fantastic, affordable, and relatively quick ways to achieve whiter teeth.

Keeping your teeth white

There are two categories of tooth staining:


Extrinsic staining

These stains on the tooth surface are usually caused by smoking, poor oral hygiene, smoking, and consumption of red wine, tea, coffee or other staining foods.


Intrinsic staining

These internal stains usually result from trauma, excessive fluoride exposure while teeth are developing or some medications.

Fighting discolouration at home

Here are some specific causes of discolouration and what you can do to hold them at bay.

Foods and drinks


Rinse your mouth with water after consuming staining foods/drinks.


Chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production and wash away staining foods.


Use whitening toothpaste to remove superficial stains. Be aware – abrasives can harm enamel.


Brush twice daily and floss once to reduce plaque-forming bacteria in your mouth.


Have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year at Precision Dental. At these visits, we can remove dental bacteria, plaque, tartar, and some stains on the surface of the teeth.


Some yellowing due to age is the be expected, but it can be handled:


Use a soft toothbrush and don’t attack the tooth surface when you brush. If you brush too hard, consider moving to an electric toothbrush.


Causes include trauma, medication, and excessive fluoride exposure while young.

To manage:


Wear a mouthguard or protective splint if you play sports or grind your teeth.


Avoid medications that stain teeth.


Monitor fluoride intake.

Whitening Solutions from Precision Dental

Increasing the Whiteness of your Teeth with Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Precision Dental offers different whitening treatments; bleaching solutions and porcelain veneers.

Teeth Whitening

In-chair whitening

In-chair whitening is effective, safe, and fast. Better yet, it only takes one visit!

Using whitening peroxide, activated by a special light, treatment is completed within two hours and can brighten teeth up to eight shades!

Teeth Whitening

At-home whitening

At-home whitening uses custom-fitted bleaching trays that you fill, once a day, with whitening gel and apply to your teeth. It takes less than two weeks to whiten your teeth!

At-home whitening has three advantages:


You are in control of treatment pace and tooth colour.


Whitening can be touched up when you wish.


Sensitive can control the whitening procedure.

Porcelain veneers

Increasing the Whiteness of your Teeth with Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin cosmetic caps bonded onto your front teeth to improve their appearance.

Veneers are a perfect solution to stains that cannot be whitened away or teeth that have stains alongside other cosmetic imperfections.

If you practice good oral hygiene at home and get a whitening treatment from Precision Dental, you can face the world with the beaming smile of a TV star!

Dental Health at Precision Dental!

Increasing the Whiteness of your Teeth with Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

At Precision Dental, we provide the finest and best ethical care, giving patients the chance to make fully informed decisions regarding their course of treatment.

The three fundamental principles that underlie our practice are:


Patient comfort


To support these principles, we begin treatment by building strong relationships with our patients. We are open, honest, and non-biased. We accept no substandard materials, shortcuts, or unhappy surprises.

Patient comfort is another crucial aspect of our values that contribute to the dentist-patient relationship. At Precision Dental, we know the dental experience can be overwhelming for some individuals.

To alleviate these anxieties, we provide gentle, patient-oriented care, that uses modern technologies, tools, and techniques.

Dr Bill Choi has over 15 years of experience and is registered with the Dental Board of Australia. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association, the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, and the Australian Association of Laser Dentistry.

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