Why Dentists May Suggest Root Canal Treatment

Why Dentists May Suggest Root Canal Treatment - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

The dental pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues.

The pulp is the centre of the growth and nourishment of a developing tooth.

However, because of various factors such as decay, faulty dental filling, and other dental accidents, the pulp is exposed to harmful mouth bacteria.

As a result, it can become infected or inflamed.

Before your tooth is completely damaged, your dentist can save and restore it through root canal treatment.

Also known as root canal therapy and endodontics, root canal treatment aims to save the tooth and relieve the dental pain once the infected or damaged pulp has been removed.

Aside from an aching tooth, how and when can you tell that you need root canal treatment and not tooth extraction?

Your New Farm Dentist will help you with this decision.

The Need for Root Canal Treatment: Signs and Symptoms

Your dentist will evaluate information gathered from many different sources to make a precise diagnosis regarding your tooth’s need for endodontics.

Some signs may be familiar and obvious while others are less apparent, and only your dentist can determine these.

Here are the following signs that you may notice right away:



Teeth that ultimately need root canal treatment don’t always trigger pain.

However, if you happen to experience it, the intensity of discomfort can go from slight to extreme.

You may feel like the affected tooth has its heartbeat. The tooth can be easily prompted by thermal insults, such as exposure to hot or cold foods and drinks.

You may also experience sleep disturbances due to the severity of pain. The pain may linger for some minutes while in some cases, it may last for several hours.


Tender or Swollen Gums

Swelling can occur sometimes. The gums may look normal, but the area has some slight tenderness.

In other cases, it may also form a noticeable lump or fullness that you can feel. Usually, due to swelling, the tooth may feel somewhat elevated.

Rather than prominent swelling, gumboil may develop on your gums.



The abovementioned signs and symptoms of an infected root canal can be described as transient as well as persistent and continual.

It is transient when the pain or swelling will come and go on a daily or monthly basis, or any time in between.

Though not always obvious or intense, the symptoms can be persistent and continual when they never completely fade.

Here are the following indications that only your dentist can determine:


Problems identified by X-rays

The x-ray will reveal a dark spot located at the tip of the tooth’s root.

This indication is referred to as radiolucency, showing that changes have happened due to the infection occurring within the tooth.


Persistent gum pimples

A pimple-like lesion on the gums is often caused by an infection lodged inside a tooth.

Dental experts called these lesions fistulous tracts. Their size can increase and decrease over time.

Given that they act as a drain for pus, they usually have a nasty taste coming from them.


Darkened tooth

Changes in the colour of your tooth can signify that there are some issues within its nerve space.

This is often the sole reason your dentist will conclude that you need to undergo root canal treatment.


Exposed tooth’s nerve

This happens when the dental work has reached the pulp tissue of the tooth.

If nerve exposure occurs, root canal treatment is often the recommended and suitable treatment option to prevent painful or complex situations in the future.

Safe and Gentle Root Canal Treatment in New Farm

Root canal treatment is important and necessary when it comes to saving and restoring your infected tooth.

If the procedure is not done, the infection will damage your tooth completely, and your dentist may need to take it out.

For effective and safe root canal therapy, visit your dependable New Farm dentist at Precision Dental.

Our dental practice is equipped with the best of modern dentistry to solve your root canal and other dental or oral health concerns effectively.

You’ll be in good hands with Precision Dental.

Call us on (07) 3852 1160 or visit us at S13, HQ South Tower, 520 Wickham St in Fortitude Valley.


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