Which Dental Crown is Right for You?

Which Dental Crown is Right for You? - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Almost all of us have to deal with broken fillings, a weakened tooth that breaks, or tooth death for whatever reason.

Very often, dental crowns are recommended to replace a natural tooth that has become unviable.

When you have to cross this bridge, you will need to know what kind of crown will be best for you.

There are several options, and all of them have pros and cons.

What you choose will depend on your exact dental condition, the location of the potential crown, and your personal preferences regarding aesthetics and durability.

Metal alloys

Metal crowns are not pure metals, but alloys, a mixture of metals, except for stainless steel crowns, which are almost exclusively used for temporary tooth replacement.

The most common metal crowns are gold and silver alloys.

Gold, silver, and platinum are noble metals and are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist environments, unlike base metals.

The higher the content of noble metals in the alloy, the better the quality of the crown.

These crowns are composed of a single piece of metal alloy and mimic the strength and flexibility of natural teeth more closely than any other options that we know of at this time.

They have the advantage of being very durable for chewing and grinding, and they do not cause excessive wear on the opposing teeth that they must work with.

Because alloys have some flexibility inherent to the nature of the materials, they are easier on the roots and bones that support the teeth.

The only major drawback of metal alloy crowns is the color.

They do not match natural teeth in any way, except for shape. So the wearer must accept the gold or silver appearance of the crown. Often metal alloy crowns are recommended for rear teeth.

However, some people may wish to have a gold or silver tooth visible in their smile. It is a matter of personal preference and choice for the recipient.


Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns consist of a metal alloy base (to provide tensile strength) and a veneer of porcelain that is fused to the alloy crown in a very high heat oven.

The porcelain gives the crown the appearance of a natural tooth.

Some porcelain-fused-to-metal are completely covered with porcelain, while others only have the porcelain veneer on the surfaces that are visible.

The choice of full or partial coverage is something that you can discuss and make with your dentist during the preliminary consultation.

Sometimes there can be a slight indication at the gum-line of the metal alloy below the porcelain, or gum recession can cause the crown to be revealed in the future.

The possibilities of either condition should be discussed with your dentist before you decide upon exactly what product and procedure you want to pursue, so that you will not suffer any unexpected disappointments after expending all the effort to have a crown installed.

Dr. Choi is a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of his patients’ smiles.

Rest assured that he will provide you with only the highest quality crown that will be virtually invisible to everyone except your dentist.

Zirconia: The Preferred Crown at Precision Dental in Brisbane

Zirconia is a crystalline substance that is extremely hard. Knives made out of zirconia are more durable and stay sharper longer than steel knives.

The crown is formed out a single, solid piece of zirconia and layered with porcelain to give the crown the look of a natural tooth, matching your other teeth.

Dr. Choi prefers to use zirconia crowns because of their extreme hardness the chances of breakage or fracturing are very low.

Only in some instances involving bridges and people with unusually h2 and deep bites will Dr. Choi recommend a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

Doctor Choi is constantly striving to stay abreast of the latest and best dental procedures. His goal that you live a healthy life free from dental worries and trauma.

dazzling, confident smile is his desire for you, as well as your overall good health and happiness.

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