Top 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Dad Smile

Top 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Dad Smile - Precision Dental Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Father’s Day is September 1st, and that means you might be trying to decide on a gift for your Dad.

This blog is all about dentistry, so if you’re looking for a tie or gag-gift recommendation, we’re not the people to ask.

But if you’re seeking thoughtful, practical gifts to protect your Dad’s oral health, Precision Dental has a list of suggestions that might help.

Supporting your Dad’s dental health can be quite important.

Did you know that men are less likely to receive dental treatment than women and they don’t brush as regularly?

And poor oral health has been linked to severe and chronic health issues, like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and cancer.

No one should neglect dental care, and with Father’s Day almost upon us, now is the perfect time to give your Dad the lifesaving gift of oral health.

Let’s take a look at some potential gifts!


The Tech-Savvy Dad

If your Dad is a fan of apps, smartphones, computers, and other technological doodads, surprise him with an electric toothbrush with Bluetooth capability.

This toothbrush can track his oral hygiene through an interactive app that uses pressure sensors and facial recognition to ensure he gets his teeth clean.

Some Bluetooth brushes come with cool bells and whistle like settings to choose his dental goals and even controlling LED colours on the brush!


The Sporty Dad

If your Dad is a workout warrior or an athlete or, he may be putting his oral health at risk on a daily basis.

Many sports come with the risk of contact, and with contact come the threat of lost teeth, soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and concussions.

Protect your Dad by giving him a mouthguard. Your Dad will love this if he plays footy, skis, or engages in any contact sports.

For maximum safety, be sure to get your Dad’s mouthguard from a dentist, as it will be custom-made to protect his teeth and jaws, unlike much less effective OTC versions.

More about mouthguards at Precision Dental


The Dad Who’d Like To Smile More

Has age or damage harmed your Dad’s smile? Precision Dental has answers in our cosmetic dentistry treatments.

And if you can’t pay for an entire procedure, consider a “Father’s Day Dental Gift Card” that lets your Dad decide which treatments he needs.

Among our treatments:


Teeth whitening

Some of Dad’s favourite food and drink, like berries and coffee, can make his teeth stain or darken. Teeth whitening at Precision Dental will make his smile substantially brighter in an hour or two. Or, your Dad can choose professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made trays to be used in the comfort of his home.


Dental veneers

When affixed to the front surfaces of teeth, these ultra-thin shells of toothlike porcelain also cover smile imperfections. They are stain-resistant and last longer than bonding.


Smile improvement

Your Fortitude Valley dentist can put together a slate of treatments that will work together, and economically, to improve your Dad’s smile.

If Dad has missing or damaged teeth, he might have an interest in our restorative dentistry procedures to repair cracks, breaks, or replace missing teeth.


Alternative Oral Hygiene Tools

When we think of oral hygiene, we might think of dental floss and a bright plastic brush, but there are other options for your Dad.

If your Dad has manual dexterity issues or doesn’t like floss, the Waterpik is a great alternative to dental floss, particularly with the accompaniment of interdental brushes.

The Waterpik uses pulses of water to clean between the teeth, and interdental brushes allow one-hand ‘flossing’.

If Dad is eco-friendly, consider bioplastic or bamboo toothbrushes. Both, along with the material they are packaged in, are designed to biodegrade, and bamboo toothbrushes can also freshen breath and fight bacteria.


DIY Gift

Oral hygiene is a routine, but it shouldn’t be boring. Make your Dad a DIY toothbrush or mouthwash holder that reflects their personality.

Use materials from products they love, like bottles of their favourite drinks, or tins of their favourite foods.


Dental Travel Kit

If your Dad travels or camps out, consider a dental travel/emergency kit.

Dental kits come in many different sizes, but they should include a small toothbrush, mini-sized toothpaste mouthwash, and dental floss.

You can find commercial kits online, or create your own that focuses on your Dad’s specific dental concerns.

One thing you absolutely should include in your Dad’s kit is the phone number for Precision Dental. That way, if he encounters trouble on the road, he can easily call us for recommendations.

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